Finding The Best Weighted Vest

best-weighted-vest-for-crossfit-300x300To work out all by yourself, you have to be self-determined and should have a proper schedule to implement it. Buying the best weighted vest can drastically improve your exercise routine making your body work out much harder. To find the best weighted vest you can look into the customer reviews on the best weighted vests 2016 as new models are trending every year. Do visit to find the best e-books, journals, and other resources to improve the stamina, stability, stretchability and endurance in your body.

You should think and decide on the activity you will be doing with the help of weighted vest. To see best results you can try doing squats and lunges to burn more calories. There are different types of vests like BOX super short, V-Force vest, tone fitness and much more.
Everybody prefers buying a weighted vest to strengthen your body muscles and gain strength but depending on the activity will be the decision factor in choosing on which one would suit you better. Your body knows your weight and adding additional weight will increase the strength of the bones making it capable of handling more weight than usual.

Aiming to lose more calories you may get a heavy weighted vest and intend to look slimmer but if you are uncomfortable, then the vest may cause friction on your shoulder and neck area.
If you prefer doing more weights then using a less weighted vest will be of no use due to reduced resistance. You can’t expect to have good results out of it.

The best bet would be to have a vest which has adjustable weights in the vest. You may start your workout with a lower weight and can gradually increase the weights to complete the exercise. You can add a minimum of 2.5 Kg at a time. Buying a weighted vest which is hefty without any adjustment may even leave you frustrated if you can’t handle them during a workout.

You should beware whether the weights are distributed equally on either side of the vest. When you remove any weight, you should not be left unbalanced. Adjustable vests are always easier to handle and advantageous too.

Don’t buy a low-cost vest thinking you wouldn’t use it much and regret the purchase. Make it a one-time investment by buying the best vest which can be utilized for several workouts.

Compare and contrast the several vests and its features before choosing a vest. If you feel all your requirements are fulfilled then, don’t think about spending little extra money. If you think about spending little extra, then you may end up in buying a new vest in the next few months. There are many accessories available which can be attached to the vest, and they come with an additional charge. A few vests come in two sizes both tall and small. Based on your height you can change your preference.

Last but not the least check if they can be easily cleaned and air dried. Increased maintenance would reduce the frequency of using the vest.