8 Training Exercises Practiced By NFL Players

Training Exercises

Ever wondered how some of the biggest NFL stars spend their time in the weight room? These days, players indulge in football exercises to work on their endurance and athleticism. Gone are the days of subjecting your body to workouts in the off-season. Visit the URL and shop for training kits or read expert advice in www.menshealth.com.

It is important to exercise smarter so your body remains injury-free and you are fit and healthy for the entire 16-game season.

Uphill speed ladder
According to professional Peterson, he says uphill running makes your muscles work harder when compared to regular running on a flat surface. Incorporating this idea, you can start off by standing in front of a ladder placed against a solid surface. Start with the left foot and move both the feet on each rung in quick succession. Repeat until you reach the top of the ladder.

Resisted drills-
This technique helps improve stride length. To perform this exercise, move your knees in an opposite-arm, opposite-leg pattern. Ask your friend to apply band resistance from behind. Repeat 4 sets of this training for a distance of 15 to 20 yards.

In order to sync your muscles, bounding is recommended by several players and coaches. Swiftly and continuously, bound from one leg to the other covering as much ground in each rep.

Dumbbell Bench Press
Pro Willis swears by this exercise as he believes it makes his arms stronger. Take your position near a bench and hold dumbbells near the chest. Keep your back straight and move the weights towards the ceiling until the arms are fully stretched. You can use dumbbell rows to build core-strength and work on the upper body muscles.

Landmine Row
You can count on Bench Press to strengthen your back, and the Landmine Row allows you to work on your endurance without straining the back muscles. Mount the bar and take up an athletic position keeping your back straight. Hold the rope that is wrapped around the plates and bend your waist slightly at an angle of 45 degrees. Move the elbows back until they reach the chest. Lower the weight using your arms and repeat.

Chain push-up
Ask any expert, and they will speak about the benefits of this exercise. Your usual push-ups are complemented with chainsaws that pull you to the ground. Using your muscles, lift the chain off the ground.

Tricep press
Have you often admired Bowman for his strong abs and firm triceps? Include tricep press as part of your daily fitness workout. Instead of isolating the triceps, you can perform suspension training exercises for your arm. This works on the core during the entire duration of the workout.

Kettlebell Bulgarian Squat
This famous exercise adds to the strength of the quad and glute, improves stability and minimizes imbalances in the lower body. Using a bench, take a split stance and hold a kettlebell in one hand. Lower the hips and ensure that the front thigh is parallel to the floor. Repeat for few seconds.