3 Areas You Need to Be Aware of to Be Safe

There are lots of enclosed spaces where you may be assaulted, but which aren’t mentioned in lots of self-defense teachings or programs. The places I speak of are empty RAILWAY CARRIAGES, the public TOILET and the LIFT. One of many disadvantages you may have in any one of these areas is you will not have the ability to keep that 5-foot space involving them and you.

Your strategy will thus be based on a close encounter. In some of these regions, it’s probable that when you’re faced, he would have decided you as a simple target, so don’t look down or cowed. If you are attacked by this psychopath in the very instant he has found you by surprise , and it enters the lift, toilet or car, then you’re inclined to be in serious trouble. If his actions would be to try and overpower you, than use your natural weapons to protect yourself – beat punch to the side of his face, use your thumbs to press into his eyes if he’s close to your face, or you’ll be able to head butt him or use your elbow to hit him in the exact same areas.

If he hasn’t chosen you by surprise and is on the brink of assaulting or catching you, then keep your self control and at the top of your voice yell, “STOP” or “WAIT” or “HOLD IT.” This is a natural instinct for someone to briefly (an issue of a two or three seconds) STOP, or DELAY, giving you that golden opportunity to utilize your natural weapons OR to use your self defense weapons against him – your pepper spray, the Kubotan, your car keys, unbreakable umbrella or walking stick, plus other apparatus you might have on you, BUT, if he’s got a knife and is approaching you, you have to yell as loud as you can STOP or WAIT; it is crucial to get those couple of seconds to hit him at his most vulnerable areas. Again, it is vital that you practice this with a buddy practice this, understanding where to hit him in those deadly places round the body and going through the routine that is dramatic. Don’t forget, you’ve got no time to consider this; you just do it when the chance presents itself.

Tip – continue to bend it back, pushing him onto his knees, hold it very closely and when he places his hand on you or is going to catch you, make a grab for any one of his fingers. Keep the pressure whilst you pull on the emergency chord or, in the event that you are in a lift, then choose a floor or the following floor in which you know people would not be absent. If he tries to fight, kick his ankle, his kneecap quite seriously or the top portion of his leg. Something else you can do, if he’s sitting next to you and closely squeezes your leg or arm, you can quite powerfully strike a blow with your knuckles to the top portion of his palm; when he spreads his fingers in pain, then catch his finger.

Look round the place: is it left, is it late in the day before you enter some of these areas and do you have an uneasy feeling? Always remain attentive, constantly listen to your instinct.

Let your instincts lead you through these areas – entering a LIFT. You’re hardly likely to be assaulted in several locations that are occupied or commercial, but the regions you need to perhaps be attentive to are: multi story car park lifts, high rise flats and other multilevel lifts not often used. Take these precautions –

Understand precisely which floor you’re going too; let them know you’re in your way upwards if you’re seeing a buddy.
When you are waiting stand back from the doors. This enables you to keep an eye on whoever may need to make use of the lift.
Before you get into the lift should you get a somewhat uneasy feeling from anyone, then pretend that you’ve forgotten something and do not enter it.
Stand by the control panel in the lift. Get off at a flooring that isn’t your destination if you’re uncomfortable. Take the following lift down or up.
Public toilets around main streets, car parks and commercial buildings, particularly at nighttime –

Should you hear two or three individuals bantering in a bathroom, don’t enter unless it’s in an area that is busy and there are others entering that bathroom.
You also feel a little uneasy and if you’re distressed to go, then have your pepper spray prepared with you.
Get the cubical or stand nearest to the exit doorway; don’t use the furthest cubical or stand in just about any toilet.
Long late night journeys in an empty railway carriage.

Then spend the precaution of sitting nearest to the doorway if you want to relax and have a car to your own and do not permit yourself to go to sleep.
Be conscious of anyone walking down the hallway who might be seeking a solitary, singly-occupied car.
Be conscious of anyone walking behind you when you walk down the hallway to visit the toilet; he may try to catch you from behind and shove you into the toilet.