Thierry Weinberg professional

Thierry Weinberg is an increasingly popular business person, being known not only for his relationship with writer Amanda Sthers, but also from his successful financial career. Next we will review some of the roles played along the time by Thierry, as well as the responsibilities of each.

2011 – Current

General Manager at Insurance DoubleV

DoubleV subsidiary of the Group, DoubleV Insurance is a specialized brokerage firm in the design and implementation of health systems costs, Welfare and Insurance Retraite. Thierry Weinberg is a general manager there. Along with the company, they build all the good plans to implement within your company. The council, negotiation, coaching, are the cement of their actions. What are distinguished by a consulting approach, more than a sales approach used by our competitors. Our goal: to be your trusted partner benefits!

2009 – Current

General Manager at Training DoubleV

DoubleV subsidiary of the Group, DoubleV Training is an Authorized Training Organization providing customized training in-company. Has skills of nearly one hundred employees and a host of renowned references, Formust’s primary asset to be able to answer all the needs of a company training: training in the more traditional ones more specific. Specializing in custom training design, training DoubleV your designs and facilitates skills development projects by combining the contributions of human resources consulting and best new pedagogies. They train and assist all of your employees to the members of your Executive Committee.

2009 – Current

CEO – DoubleV Council

Filliale of DoubleV Group DoubleV Council is a specialized consulting firm operating in reducing costs and government subsidies recovery for companies, whatever their activity, regardless of their size. With the skills of more than 45 experienced employees, DoubleV Council supports its customers in reducing your major expense items: Recruitment, Training, Social Charges, Innovation, Taxation, Overheads … Given the complexity of research and the extent of necessary contacts, we are positioning ourselves in OSS to enable companies in a very short time, to benefit from the full range of optimizations, aids and subsidies in charge. They offer a local service, paid fees to success as a percentage of earnings from organizations gathered. They are piloting the presentation of these projects, formalize filling and monitoring of files from the organizations concerned.