Learn Why Customers Say, ‘We Decided To Rent A Telescopic Boom Lift’


Many are at crossroads when it comes to hiring or buying telescopic boom lifts. These lifts are ideal to handle varied angles and make maneuvering easier in a crowded work site. Once you have the right equipment, getting access to the source becomes easier. Engine powered telescopic boom lift can offer maximum horizontal and vertical reach. When your workplace is faced with height and capacity challenges, it is best to opt for telescopic boom lifts. These come with the flexibility of meeting multiple terrain needs. This works like aerial work platform that comes with bucket end. It is hydraulic in nature and comes with an elevating system. These can be called bucket lifts as well. Cherry picker is the name given to boom lift as it is used in orchards for picking fruits. Telescopic boom lift has higher importance as it can reach a greater height of nearly 50 ft and a platform height of 60 ft making it convenient for high reach tasks.

The platforms are designed for comfort and hence working from greater heights becomes easily possible. These equipments are multipurpose in nature and can be used to work on electric or telephone poles. Painting multistory building, construction sites, and the mining industry have immense use of telescopic boom lift. With the modernization in the industry, boom lifts have gained importance. This can help conduct any high raised task with ease. Articulated or telescopic boom lift has many merits that can actually plan the route of navigation easily. Before renting a telescopic boom lift, it is important to consider the pros and cons. A telescopic boom lift cannot be used at all sites and requires special location benefits.

Telescopic boom lifts are available for rental at a cost effective price that can offer you service for a limited period. If the job is for a specific period, there is no point in investing in a telescopic boom lift as it is expensive. The best option would be to hire a boom lift. This can save on capital expenses and help achieve the goal of the business easily. The investment of buying a lift can be transferred for other business purposes. Moreover, there are very less legal formalities when it comes to rental than purchase. The regulations are taken care of by the rental company giving you the freedom of concentrating on your core business.

Many customers say that we decided to rent a telescopic boom lift because there is no worry of dealing with obsolete technology. With newer upgrades available hiring the latest equipment becomes easier without worrying about replacements. Boom lifts come with variable power options that include electric, gas and diesel. Moreover, the equipment is highly portable as it comes with four wheel drive that can navigate tough terrain. There are towable models also available that can be hitched to a tow vehicle. Before renting a telescopic boom lift. it is best to check the specifications and match them with the project size. Hiring an oversized or undersized equipment will not serve any purpose.