The Latest Trends In Home Popcorn Machines

recipiente-plastico-para-hacer-crispetas-60135-300x300Who doesn’t love popcorn? Any age group from the young to old love eating a fresh, crunchy popcorn any time of the day. There is no restriction to enjoy a cup of your favorite flavored popcorn. The buttery salted tasty popcorns are a temptation for kids especially. When you have a personal popcorn maker at home it becomes very convenient to pop some of your favorite popcorn during watching movies, soccer or baseball. To pick one of the top popcorn poppers, just get your laptop to do a quick search at Google and pick the best one.
Spending quality time with family is reducing drastically, as mentioned in the site In families where both the parents are working, the time spent with family is reducing which is not healthy for a family and children in particular. So it is very important that you spend quality time like watching movies together or eating together at least the weekends. Enjoying a lovely movie with homemade popcorns is the best leisure a family can afford without spending on movies, circus or carnivals.
There are some latest models available in the market if you are planning to purchase one. Just do a quick research before choosing the right one for your family size and space available. The different models available are:

Electric popcorn machine
The electric popcorn makers are very easy to use and maintain. They warm the surface which helps the kernels pop and you get instant tasty and buttery, warm popcorns easily. They have a stirring rod which helps in the movement of kernels to get heat equally giving us tasty popcorn.

Steel stove
The other model is the steel stove, where you can pop out enough popcorn for a family within minutes. Some of the stove models have a spinner with a wooden handle to help the even distribution of kernels and also helps them from burning. These are very easy to maintain and clean.

Beach popcorn poppers
These poppers are capable of popping out at least twenty-five cups of popcorns at one use. They are bigger than the others. You can use salt, butter, and salt as per your convenience because they have a separate compartment for butter and flavor which spreads evenly to every piece of popcorn. They also spin the kernels for even distribution of heat which helps in popping out tasty popcorns. They are very efficient and easy to clean and maintain.

Nostalgic popcorn maker
This is a traditional and retro-style popcorn maker which helps in popping a huge amount of popcorn. Best suited for large parties or movie with friend’s night. They can pop out more than thirty cups of popcorn. They have a lightweight popcorn tray to enjoy fresh and warm popcorn in the comfort of your house.

These are just a few models from the huge variety available in the market. You can check out for reviews of different machines before choosing one for yourself. By reading reviews you will get a better idea regarding the efficiency and durability of the product. Also, choose the ones which are easy to clean and maintain and enjoy your favorite buttery popcorn at home.