Get To Know The Methods Of Claude Davis: The Survivalist

mqdefaultThe Lost Ways by Mr. Claude Davis is an eye-opener in every sense of the expression that one may possibly think of. Learning, science, technology and innovation are vital to the growth of mankind but it should never come at the cost of losing the very essence of humanity. The Lost Ways does try to tell this very fact and tries to take us back to the ways of our forefathers that we have not been able to learn. The comforts and amenities that the modern man has managed to build for himself are leading us to our doom. For many of us surviving without air conditioning has become the definition of survival. That is as far from the reality that we can go before we are at the end. This is a tragic situation.

If you are to read the various The Lost Ways reviews then you will also learn a great deal about the man that Mr. Claude Davis is. He has given survival a new definition. This is the truest way to define the term. Life for our forefathers without electricity and all the other amenities of modern life must have been very tough. But they managed pretty well and were not even suffering from the lifestyle diseases that have become far too common for us all. A very high part of the above forty population is suffering from one lifestyle disease or other. Man was not intended to become a creature so dependent upon his creations that it became a slave to the things that he created to lead a better life. Our lives are worse now.

Mr. Claude Davis lives in a log cabin with a lot of comfort without the numerous amenities without which it will be very tough for most of us to even think of survival. Mr. Claude Davis wears handmade clothes even in this age. It has to be said that the reasons for him doing this and adopting such a lifestyle are to connect with nature and become what man was always intended to become. A part of nature is what all of us should strive. There is nothing wrong in using the various marvels of technology that have made our lives easier. The major issues will start arising when we become too dependent upon them. Man should always strive to become as independent as possible before it is too late.

Science and technology are good for us but the lack of skill and ability to survive without them is not. Survival skills are of the great essence. Mr. Claude Davis has shown this by living a life that is nothing short of extraordinary in today’s day and age. He is as close to being called nature’s boy as any of us will ever be. If we are to learn from him via his book then we will be in a much better stead to survive almost all forms of turbulence that the modern man does not pay any heed to. Read The Lost Ways if you want to know more about him.