Hold your bike up with dl2 bicycle wall mount

To manage things under your space is an important task as your space is. To place right thing at the right place is an art, and few things can help you present this art in manners. Many things demand space on floor and few can be satisfied upon air as well. Racks and holders play a substantial role to manage things within or upon. Partners of your life-styles are many in your house some on tables, some in draws and few need a specific place like your bike or bicycle.

Your bike need a space where nobody passes frequently from, so we thought the wall of your room could be the most convenient space to use to mount your bike up and keep away from walking way. The dl2 bike wall mount allows you to keep up your bike with holding capacity of up to twenty LBS by durable steel construction having four hooks to hold bike with locking-mechanism that allows you to behave without doubts of accident.

This dl2 bike wall mount carries more than forty ft. rope and quite sufficient warranty period to ensure you from the long life of materials. You can hang up your bike by rims or from sides according to your need and the type of rims, if rims are thin hang it by sides and if it is a mountain bike you can hang it by rims.

It is easy to fit on walls and comfortable loading and unloading the bike. Steel material allows the bicycle wall mount can hold up to two bikes at single time; if you have single bike then, you can put your bike in one of the two slots. Those bikes which have wheel sizes from twenty inches to twenty nine inches and up to forty four inches wheel base can hold on this dl2 bike wall mount. It is constructed by durable stainless or mild steel in different colors and designs to perform longer.